Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things We Love...

...Week of October 1st Edition...

BIG KEY FOBS These key chains are the BEST for someone who either A) loses their keys all the time B) seems to always carry a big bag or C) both of the above (like me). For some reason I always feel the need to carry a huge purse, you know just in case the world collapses, I'll have everything I need. However, on a day to day basis my huge purse tends to just swallow my keys rather than save the world. These key fobs make it SO easy to find your keys, plus they are tres adorable. I love these navy and pink elephants but they come in all sorts of cute animals and motifs here.

PLASTIC AVIATOR SUNGLASSES I love that aviators are back in style, but to me, the metal rimmed aviators just scream summer. Everyone updates their wardrobe for the change in seasons, but sometimes accessories never make the transition. I have the Kate Spade pair on the right in navy blue and adore them. I think plastic aviator sunglasses are the perfect way to keep wearing the aviator trend through the fall without looking like you're under the impression it's still beach season.

OCTOBER It's only the 2nd of October and the weather is already changing here in Orlando. October pretty much has it all; it's the height of tailgating season, Major League Baseball postseason, time to pull out sweaters and jackets (well maybe not here in Orlando just yet), humidity takes a vacation, and of course Halloween (who doesn't love a good costume party and an unbeatable excuse to eat candy?!) While we could still pretend it was summer in September, October is undoubtedly the fall, and I for one, am happy it's here!

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